Question authority, and do not ever believe what you hear without question from controlled media propaganda press desks outlets such as - The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Economist, ABC, NBC, CBS, your favorite late night talk show host, or your local news for that matter.  These outlets serve as mouthpieces which communicate talking points on a top down basis, with individual reporters kept on very tight leashes, servicing the interests of the Big Corporate owners.   You Tube, Google, Facebook, Tic Tok and Twitter are openly indulging in censorship on an unprecedented scale.  

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Recently Deleted From You Tube, Twitter and etc..copy and paste to find them

Amazing Polly:

And We Know:

Craig Mason:

Deception Bytes:

Dollar Vigilante:

Dustin Nemos:

Edge of Wonder:

Fall Cabal:

Freedom Force Battalion:

Good Lion Films:



Joe M:

Jordan Sather:

Just Informed Talk:

Karli Q:

Linda Paris:

Lori Colley:

Mark Taylor:

Martin Geddes:


Mouthy Buddah:

Obiwan Qenobi:

Patriots Soapbox:

Praying Medic:

Red Racer Video:


Sarah Westall:,

SGT Report:,


Stroppy Me:

The Iconoclast:

The Last American Vagabond:

The Patriot Hour:

The Red Pill Book:

Titus Frost:


Truth and Art TV:

Woke Societies:

World Alternative Media:


A menu of alt media sites, speakers, bloggers, reporters and outlets:

NEW:  The Revolver

NEW:  You Tube Alternative

Epoch Times

Off-Guardian  (highly recommended)

The Last Refuge

Kevin Shipp, former CIA

Candace Owens

Katheryn Austin Fitts, former Secretary of HUD under Bush

Dr. Joseph Farrell, Harvard Professor


Dark Journalist

Vigilant Citizen

Esoteric Hollywood, Jay Dyer Film Analysis

Hodge Twins

Dave Reuben

Millie Weaver

Corbett Report


Kaiser Report


Zero Hedge

World Affairs Brief

Drudge Report

Original Covid 19 Virus Research Paper -

Developed at the Chapel Hill N. Carolina bioweapons grade lab, Funded by China and the NIH under Dr. Fauci, working with Doctors from Wuhan - see and read for yourself about applying "Gain of Function" Bio Warfare Technology to bat virus obtained in the wild.    ( Note:  Keep in mind, this article has been "corrected" at least twice since it was discovered online just as Covid 19 became dire national news in the USA in 2020, and had otherwise been uncorrected since its publication date years previous to that.  Why the sudden changes? )

UNUSUAL RESOURCE:  THIS SITE FOLLOWS CHINESE PROPAGANDA IN THE US WAGED UNDER THE PRINCIPLE OF UNRESTRICTED WARFARE - An important and fascinating look at how the Chinese view Americans and misdirect them.

LIST of American Companies Supporting BLM and Antifa, With Links

Investigative reporter Ashley Rae Goldenberg produced a comprehensive list of companies she says are supporting ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. For live links see list here:

  1. 23andme:
  2. 72andSunny:
  3. AbbVie:
  4. Abbey Road Studios:
  5. The Academy (the Oscars):
  6. Activision Blizzard:
  7. Adidas:
  8. Airbnb:
  9. Alaska Airlines:
  10. Amazon:
  11. AMD:
  12. American Airlines:
  13. American Express:
  14. American Apparel:
  15. Apple Music:
  16. Ancestry:
  17. Armani:
  18. Astro Gaming:
  19. AT&T:
  20. Atlantic Records:
  21. AWS:
  22. AXE:
  23. Barclays Bank:
  24. Barnes & Noble:
  25. Bandcamp:
  26. Bank of America:
  27. Bayer:
  28. Bergdorf Goodman:
  29. Bethesda:
  30. Ben & Jerry's:
  31. Billboard:
  32. BMW:
  33. BP:
  35. Boost Mobile:
  36. Bratz:
  37. Burger King:
  38. Bungie:
  39. Burberry:
  40. Burt's Bees:
  41. Cadillac:
  42. Call of Duty:
  43. Capcom:
  44. Capitol Records:
  45. Canada Goose:
  46. Cartoon Network:
  47. Chick-fil-A:
  48. Chipotle:
  49. Cisco:
  50. Citigroup:
  51. Coca Cola:
  52. Colourpop Cosmetics:
  53. Conde Nast:
  54. Converse:
  55. CORSAIR:
  56. Creative Commons:
  57. Criterion Collection:
  58. Crunchyroll:
  59. CW:
  60. CVS:
  61. DHL Express:
  62. Dell:
  63. Degree:
  64. Devolver Digital:
  65. DIRECTV:
  66. Discord:
  67. Disney:
  68. Doritos:
  69. DoorDash:
  70. Doulingo:
  71. Dribbble:
  72. Dropbox:
  73. E! News:
  74. EA:
  75. Eaton:
  76. eBay:
  77. Eight Sleep:
  78. ESPN:
  79. Etsy:
  80. FedEx:
  81. Fender:
  82. Figma:
  83. FILA:
  84. Fitbit:
  85. Foot Locker:
  86. Formula 1:
  87. FOX:
  88. Frosted Mini Wheats:
  89. Funimation:
  90. GameSpot:
  91. Gartner:
  92. Gatorade:
  93. Genentech:
  94. General Motors:
  95. Gibson:
  96. Glossier:
  97. GoDaddy:
  98. Goldman Sachs:
  99. GoFundMe:
  100. Google:
  101. GoPro:
  102. Gorilla Glue:
  103. Grammarly:
  104. Grindr:
  105. Guerilla Collective:
  106. Gumroad:
  107. Gushers:
  108. Habitat for Humanity:
  109. Harry's:
  110. HBO:
  111. HBO Max:
  112. Headup:
  113. Help Scout:
  114. Hershey's:
  115. H&M:
  116. Home Depot:
  117. Honda:
  118. HP:
  119. Hulu:
  120. Humana:
  121. Humble Bundle:
  122. HyperX:
  123. IBM:
  124. IKEA:
  125. IMAX:
  126. Indiegogo:
  128. Intel:
  129. Invision:
  130. ITV:
  131. Kickstarter:
  132. Lacoste:
  133. Lego:
  134. Levi's:
  135. Lenovo:
  136. Lexus:
  137. LinkedIn:
  138. L'Oreal Paris:
  139. Logitech:
  140. Lowe's:
  141. Lucky Brand:
  142. Lululemon:
  143. Louis Vuitton:
  144. Lyft:
  145. Madden NFL 20:
  146. Marvel Entertainment:
  147. Mastercard:
  148. MATTEL:
  149. McAfee:
  150. McDonald's:
  151. Merck:
  152. Mercedes Benz:
  153. Met Life:
  154. Metropolitan Opera:
  155. Microsoft:
  156. Mozilla:
  157. Napster:
  158. NASCAR:
  159. Ncsoft:
  160. Netflix:
  161. New Balance:
  162. New York Life:
  163. NFL:
  164. NHL:
  165. Niantic:
  166. Nickelodeon:
  167. Nike:
  168. Nintendo:
  169. Nordstrom:
  170. North Face:
  171. Old Spice:
  172. OnlyFans:
  173. Paramount Pictures:
  174. Paramount Network:
  175. Patreon:
  176. Peloton:
  177. Pepsi Co:
  178. Pfizer Inc:
  179. Playstation:
  180. Plex:
  181. Pokemon:
  182. Popeye's Chicken:
  183. Pop-Tarts:
  184. Pornhub:
  185. Porsche:
  186. Pringles:
  187. Procter & Gamble:
  188. Puget Systems:
  189. PUMA:
  190. Pusheen:
  191. Qualcomm:
  192. Quicken Loans:
  193. Reddit:
  194. RedHat:
  195. Red Lobster:
  196. Red Wing:
  197. Reebok:
  198. Reese's:
  199. Rice Krispies:
  200. Riot Games:
  201. Rockstar Games:
  202. Salesforce:
  203. Sanofi:
  204. Scholastic:
  205. Sega:
  206. Sesame Street:
  207. Society Generale US:
  208. Showtime:
  209. Sketch:
  210. Slack:
  211. Sephora:
  212. Shopify:
  213. Skillshare:
  214. Snap:
  215. Snapchat:
  216. Sony:
  217. Soundcloud:
  218. Spotify:
  219. Square Enix:
  220. STARZ:
  221. Starbucks:
  222. Star Wars:
  223. Subway:
  224. Supreme New York:
  225. Sysco Corporation:
  226. Taco Bell:
  227. Target:
  228. TBS:
  229. Tesco:
  230. Thatgamecompany:
  231. Ticketmaster:
  232. TikTok:
  233. Timberland:
  234. Tinder:
  235. TMobile:
  236. Tumblr:
  237. Twitch:
  238. Twitter:
  239. Uber:
  240. Uber Eats:
  241. Ubisoft:
  242. Ugg:
  243. Ulta Beauty:
  244. Under Armor:
  245. UnitedHealth Group:
  246. Vanguard:
  247. Vans:
  248. VeggieTales:
  249. Verizon:
  250. VERSACE:
  251. Vevo:
  252. Via:
  253. ViacomCBS:
  254. Virgin Records:
  255. Virta:
  256. VIZ:
  257. Vivaldi:
  258. Warner Bros
  259. Warner Records:
  260. Well's Fargo:
  261. Wendy's:
  262. WeWork:
  263. XBox:
  264. Yamaha Music USA:
  265. Yelp:
  266. YouTube:
  267. Zara:
  268. Zildijian:
  269. Zoom:

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Free uncensored video conferencing

BOOKS  to Know, Read, and Gift to Others

The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy, Peter Dale Scott

The Storm Before The Calm: America's Discord, the Coming Crisis of the 2020s, and the Triumph Beyond, George Friedman, available on Amazon
"The master geopolitical forecaster and New York Times bestselling author of The Next 100 Years focuses on the United States, predicting how the 2020s will bring dramatic upheaval and reshaping of American government, foreign policy, economics, and culture."

The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr - Finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction: "Nicholas Carr has written a Silent Spring for the literary mind."―Michael Agger, Slate, available on Amazon - Drills down into the chilling harms our electronic phone, media and tech obsessions take on culture, our bodies and brains 

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, Jared Diamond - available on Amazon,_Germs,_and_Steel

Plague of Corruption, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD   Scathing whistleblowing on vaccine and medical research and Dr. Fauci.

Family of Secrets, Russ Baker - This journalist caught Bush Sr. by surprise when he asked him where he was the day JFK was murdered.

Chaos, Charles Manson, The CIA, and The Secret History of the Sixties, Tom O'Neill  - The Manson Family and their crimes were likely a CIA MK Ultra operation, aimed at discrediting hippies and the anti-war movement.

Another 19, Kevin Ryan - An engineer that formulated the steel used in the twin towers investigates 9/11, and finds "looks at who was in position to accomplish major elements of the crimes that still need to be explained. Detailed evidence is presented that reveals how each of the alternative suspects had the means, motive and opportunity to accomplish one or more aspects of the 9/11 events."