Bill Gates + Worldwide Medical Tyranny Brief

Overview of Bill Gates' more recent statements in the news and coverage of him; connections to sex trafficker and blackmailer Jeffry Epstein (through MIT), and Dr. Fauci of the NIH, frontline professionals questioning vaccines, Event 201 wargames pandemic...   (40 minute video)

"normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population."
"We don't have a choice, people act like they have a choice..."
"I hope the conspiracy stuff dies down...."

This has Bill Gates' background and a whole lot more      

If you have a bit more time - Robert Barnes is a respected constitutional lawyer presenting Bill Gates plan for worldwide vaccine distribution at timestamp 69:00
Also watch (if you are skipping) at about 95:00 on...for an understanding of how the Covid Pandemic fits in with plans to vaccinate and body chip the global population.

Bill Gates has unprecedented control of media to get his messaging out in a favorable way.  Gates Currently Spends $250 Million To Message The Public Through Trusted News Organizations, Such As - BBC, NBC, The Guardian, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, Al Jazeera, Politifact, USA Today, Le Monde, Univision, Washington Monthly, Gannett, ProPublica, National Journal, Medium, the Texas Tribune and MANY more news foundations, organizations and conferences. This Columbia School of Journalism article details how this furthers the aims of Gates

But that' not enough - Gates' Reach Into Seeds, Food, Health and Global Control - you can just scan the table of contents to get an idea

MIT Developed a way to store patient's information "below skin surface" - scroll to bottom to see Gates Foundation is linked

Let the State tattoo, ID and track your kids (and you) for life?

RFKennedy's Children's Health Defense discusses the future of nanobots and digital health tracking, starting with the military 

        "Tracking individual location and personal metabolic data is far too much power for any government or health department. And moreover, if the technology can send biochemistry signals from the person to the government, then likely the technology has capability to also send biochemistry altering signals from the government to the person. What are the limitations and safeguards for the government's remote ability to affect or control a person's thoughts, emotions and vital functioning? Nanotechnology could give data-based omnipotence to the controllers and create an oppressive world of governance in the guise of public health."

Big Pharma is free of liability for any damage their products do to people.

Microneedle vaccine tattoo patent

MIcroCHIPS programmable devices "that can sense vital biochemical changes, deliver potent drug therapies and communicate using wireless technologies."  This item can be remote controlled and lasts 16 years, and is being considered for birth control.

Microsoft patents weird cryptocurrency that is generated by the human  body.  NO THANKS.

Injectable biochip for the detection of viral respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.    It can send information to the motherboard that you are sick before you may even know it!

On the Origin of Covid 19 and China

Covid 19 was manufactured by China and the USA's NIH under Dr. Fauci (major funding) in the Wuhan biolab.   This is the original document found online that discusses the project and names certain scientists connected to the Wuhan lab.

It is worth it to research Covid 19 and gain of function research to understand that Covid 19 was indeed a bioweapon made at a biowarfare lab. China was not solely responsible, the USA was involved as well.   "Gain of function"  means deliberate human engineering of a natural virus, in the case of Covid.  The article has been amended twice since discovery, but the fact that the research had to be done during a suspension of the "Gain of Function" bioterrorism treaty under Obama is still referenced in it with this link -

Research Shows Deliberate Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

Beware the "Belt and Road" Initiative

On Victoria Australia's links to China through its Belt and Road initiative and link to the UN's Strong Cities Network - possible forces behind draconian lock down measures only in Victoria?  (please note - very little information has gotten out of Victoria since the pandemic lockdowns and the shocking police behavior there started.)